About Me

Communication connects us all.

Using communication skills honed throughout my journalism and Spanish studies at UNC Chapel Hill, my aim is to tell stories that prove we all have something in common: humanity.

I am a senior reporter for The Daily Tar Heel Investigations Team, where I’ve covered fraternity hazing violations and activism in the aftermath of the toppling of the Confederate monument Silent Sam. As a University desk staffer last semester, I turned around stories in less than 24 hours about rallies as well as student events and professor accomplishments.

I am also a barista and Chief Human Resources Officer of The Meantime Coffee Co., a student-run nonprofit, and member of the Governor’s School Foundation Board.

As part of the class of 2022, I enjoy spending time with friends, swimming on the University’s club team, rock climbing and attending concerts.


elizltmoore00@gmail.com || (919) 799-0950 || linkedin.com/in/em00re/ || @elizltmoore


Telling stories. Raising awareness. Exposing injustice. Journalism is what I study, but also what I practice and what I strive to do well in my jobs now and into the future. 


The Meantime is a student-run non-profit that serves quality coffee and tea beverages with material supplied through Carrboro Coffee Roasters.

I began as a barista in fall of 2018 with no prior espresso training but a passion for the connective quality of coffee culture. The Meantime has served students, professors and community members alike since it was started in 2016 by a group of Morehead-Cain scholars. 

Since being hired as barista, I have been promoted to Co-Manager and later to Chief Human Resources Officer. Through my commitment to The Meantime, I have deepened my love for coffee and the people with whom I get to share it.


When I was invited to join the Governor’s School Foundation Board, I was overjoyed to have the chance to facilitate the same kind of life-changing experience I had at the North Carolina Governor’s School.

As the youngest member to ever serve on the Board, I work with other members on marketing and alumni outreach groups to maintain the connect between students even after they leave Governor’s School. As a 2017 graduate, I offer my insight into how to effectively reach younger generations of Governor’s School alumni. The Board is also the primary fundraising arm for the program,  providing scholarships to students each year. 


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