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As an investigative reporter for The DTH, my goal is to hold the institution accountable for injustices that so often go unchecked at a large public university. My experience as a staff writer for University Desk gives me the skills necessary to turn a story around on a less-than-24-hour deadline.

Here’s what you need to know about the aftermath of the AKPsi suspension

After co-ed business fraternity AKPsi was suspended for hazing, several members opened the Beta chapter of a business fraternity that originated at Duke University.

‘The University works because we do’: UNC grad students win on fees, push on pay

After years of efforts, the local chapter of a labor union and several other organizations succeeded in getting graduate student fees rescinded.

Meet the Union Soldier who’s been standing on McCorkle Place

For 105 days total, William Thorpe stood at the former site of Confederate monument Silent Sam with each day representing one year the statue was erected. On the anniversary of MLK, Jr.’s assassination, he demonstrated his cause.

Before Maya Little’s Honor Court trial, activists gathered to support her

Apart from county legal proceedings, Maya Little had to face the UNC Honor Court after she poured red paint and her own blood on the Confederate monument known as Silent Sam in 2017. Little addressed the crowd that had gathered for a rally in her support, and she shut down a counter protester who had appeared.

I approached the editor and founder of The Eastern Beacon in the summer of 2019 and became the publication’s first intern. Born online, The Beacon offers insight and primary resources about community news.

Lessons Learned: Beaufort Prepares Hurricane Plan in Response to Florence

Months after the devastating storm hit Carteret County, town officials admitted that they were not as prepared as they could have been. The new fire chief created a plan to change that.

Declining School Enrollment in Eastern Carteret: Is There a Fix?

Changing demographics and the construction of a new bypass are only some of the factors that have contributed to overcrowded schools in the western part of Carteret County.

School Board Votes to Close MaST, Fund Other Teaching Positions

One year after the opening of the county’s first early college, the Board of Education cites budget complications as the reason for closing it.

Board Members Respond to Reversal of MaST Decision

Following a weeks-long saga, the BoE votes to open the early college for future years.

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